Project Design Co-ordination

Project design has become a complex, multi-professional arena in which it is frequently necessary to join together extensive teams of specialist architects, engineers, and other advisors. Defining, procuring, coordinating and managing such teams is a skill in itself and here, Inkwali’s comprehensive understanding of the entire Project management systems is particularly valuable. Inkwali has the capacity and knowledge to instruct, advise, guide and negotiate to get the best possible outcome from the design process - and a buildable solution which accurately meets the client's needs. Inkwali will evaluate options, assess and compare risks, and identify the most appropriate way forward.

Whilst not, in general or at all times, a designer itself, Inkwali has developed a reputation for pioneering new concepts in design solutions with its partners. Inkwali has created a number of standard products for its clients and has taken responsibility for aspects of production design leading to breakthroughs in technological designs.